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    Dr. Spector has been providing full range quality eye care including out patient surgery in the Palm Beach area since 1982.

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Laser Vision Correction

LASIK and Laser Vision Correction improves vision safely and precisely by reshaping the cornea to correct nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism.

Laser/Cataract Surgery

We perform a minimally invasive, no-stitch cataract surgery called phacoemulsification (“phaco”) surgery. First, the eye is numbed with anesthesia. Then a tiny incision is made in the eye to make room for a small ultrasonic probe. This probe breaks up, or emulsifies, the cloudy lens into tiny pieces. The laser may then be used to refine the final vision.

Comprehensive Ophthalmology

Dr Spector has been providing full range of quality eye care in Palm Beach County since 1980. We provide personalized care with advanced diagnostic and laser vision correction.

Anti-Aging Treatments

Presidential Astetica is proud to offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures to enhance your appearance. We offer BOTOX®, Hair Removal, Photo-Rejuvenation and Glycolic Peel.
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I was apprehensive when it came to having surgery on my eyes.  After all, they are the only ones I have. Dr. Spector not only made me feel comfortable and confident, but he did an amazing job.  His experience truly paid off with my complicated procedure.–Matt Jones, Boca Raton

Dr. Spector se habla español.

Por mucho tiempo estado pensando en hacerme la cirugia de catarata.  Decidi hacerme la cirugia con el Dr. Steve Spector ya que hablan espanol y eso me hizo sentir muy comoda.  Poder comunicarme al respecto de mi cirgugia fue muy importante para mi.  Escogi el Tecnis Multifocal lente y los resultados fueron magnificos.  No uso gafas para distancia o para leer.  Le recomandaria a cualquiera este lente,Dr. Spector y su personal.–Leona, West Palm Beach

Dr Spector and his staff are an astonishing team! I became unable to wear my contacts about two years ago and was forced to wear glasses full time.  I considered getting Lasik because I was so unhappy wearing glasses, however, I was beyond petrified just thinking about the surgery.  After a great length of time, I decided to meet with some Lasik doctors and find out if I was even a candidate.  After meeting with Dr. Spector I decided to conquer my greatest fear and go ahead with the surgery.  He is such a warm, honest, and caring man that I immediately felt better about the frightening procedure.  In fact, I felt more calm about the surgery every time I spoke with him.  And his staff is the exact same way.  They truly care about each and every patient that they have!  Ultimately, my surgery went extremely well.  It flowed smoothly and I felt absolutely nothing during the surgery.  The recovery was quick and within two weeks you almost forget that you even had the surgery at all!  Now, whenever I open my eyes I see 20/20...it is a dream come true!–Shaina McGehe

My experience with QualSight was a much needed one in which the professionalism and attention to ones needs were completely met! My doctor (Spector) and the staff were also fantastic! –Richard A., Stuart, FL


 Recently I had cataract surgery and invested in the Multifocal lens in hope of great results.  Wow! My vision is great I can read the smallest of print without any assistance after wearing glasses and contact for the past 40 years. –Marianne, Greenacres, Florida