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Florida Eye Doctor Offer Training in Myanmar and Vietnam


Hawaiian Eye Foundation (HEF) is conducting an eye surgical training program in Myanmar, the first western eye surgical training program in decades, following the country’s recent opening to democracy.  A team of nine volunteer Ophthalmologist including Dr. Steve S. Spector from West Palm Beach, Florida.  The team of surgeons are being led by John M. Corboy, M.D. of Molokai, President and Founder of Hawaiian Eye Foundation.

“We are really doing this for the patients of our Burmese and Vietnamese colleagues,” said Corboy, founder of the HEF Nonprofit.

“They are the ones who benefit from the enhanced skills we impact to their surgeons.”  Dr. Steve S Spector will be teaching eye surgeons and a wide range of ophthalmic topics, including cataract, cornea, retina, glaucoma, and pediatric surgery.